Miss Spartan

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Michelle grow her business. From branding through to the development and then re-design of her website, I have worked closely with Michelle to delve into the essence of her brand and help her connect with, and grow her community. The latest iteration of Miss Spartan's website features an eCommerce store. We have integrated her client login area, live timetable and booking system, along with blog posts and plenty of information for any potential clients an existing community. With the addition of protein based products. Miss Spartan's branding required a refresh to align with the packaging we create and updated website. With new social media assets and templates along with education for Michelle and partner Jess, enabling them to manage their social media aesthetically and effectively.
"I’m so lucky to have had Tash supporting me from the time I started my business. From initial logo design, to my website, merchandise, packaging, graphic design and content for my social media, Tash has been the best!"

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